Dan Donoghue The Rants and Ravings of a Cunt*

*According to an OkCupid user.

Setting SELinux Contexts the Proper Way

SELinux is confusing, especially when almost every example is bullshit. This is a shitty attempt at saying the proper way to set SELinux contexts on files and directories.

Option 121: My Favourite Option

I had some performance issue with copying files to but not from a subnet. DHCP option 121 to the rescue!

Rebuilding My Server

Half of the shit installed on my home server didn't work, so I reinstalled the bastard with a more appropriate distribution. Wasn't as easy as I'd hoped.

Building Deluge on CentOS 7

I've decided to reinstall the OS on my server from an aging version of Fedora to CentOS. Since I use Deluge for .torrent downloads, and don't want to switch to another client, I've had to build it from source because it isn't included in any of the EL7 repositories.

Briding Router Interfaces in IOS

Needed to bridge two router interfaces on a Cisco router to save from having to install a switch.

Things That Piss Me Off

To save from this site being filled with posts about X pissing me off, I'm just going to write as many as possible in this one post.

Advertisement Rant 1

A rant about online advertisements. Mostly contains swears.

The New Site

I’ve decided to have another crack at writing this site. This time it’s being hosted courtesy of DNTC’s production setup as opposed to my home server, meaning better uptime. Yay!